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Chief Bakes

Looks at issues with a broad view to achieve the organisation’s goals. Thinks ahead and prepares for the future.

Understands external expectations and influences on the organisation or unit. Identifies common goals, interests and perspectives with other agencies. Creates a vision for the future and a strategy for how it can be achieved.


Positive Indicators

  • Understands broad political, economic and legislative trends, and predicts what effect they will have on the police service.
  • Understands the views and priorities of outside organisations and government bodies, and their effect on the organisation.
  • Understands and manages complex political agendas.
  • Considers the effects of actions on the police service, stakeholders and the community, balancing own needs with theirs.
  • Takes a national or international view, thinking beyond the interests of own unit or Force.
  • Looks three to five years ahead to decide where the organisation needs to be.
  • Compares performance with other Forces and centres of excellence to set organisational goals.
  • Creates effective strategies, vision and values, and establishes them within the organisation.
  • Develops strategies and ways of working that balance local and organisational needs.
  • Identifies overlaps in activity in the organisation, and introduces policies that encourage people to think and act more broadly.


Negative Indicators

  • Is not aware of organisational strategy.
  • Does not recognise the links between related activities or functions.
  • Is not interested in what is going on outside own area.
  • Does not see the possible damaging effects of actions or decisions on other parts of the organisation.
  • Criticises or does not support organisational policies.
  • Is not willing to accept or co-operate with organisational policy.
  • Focuses on short-term issues, ignoring long-term effects.
  • Is not aware of the effect of own actions on other agencies.
  • Does not see the wider picture.
  • Is not aware of political issues.
  • Does not predict and prepare for problems.



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