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Chief Bakes

Develops a culture and systems that promote equality and value diversity. Provides emotional and practical support to people who are dealing with difficult issues. Shows respect and understanding for them and their situation. Treats others with dignity and respect at all times, no matter what their background, status, circumstances or appearance.


Positive Indicators

In addition to level A positive indicators officers and staff in Level A+ roles must demonstrate the following:


  • Follow and promote the organisation’s standards of behaviour and conduct.
  • Has self awareness and recognises the areas for their personal development in relation to equality and diversity issues


  • Actively support individuals whose rights have been compromised in having their complaints appropriately addressed.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Is able to interpret current and emerging relevant legislation, employment regulations and policy
  • Understands the duty of care under legislation and employment regulations
  • Understands what organisational culture means, who this is set by and your role in this
  • Understands the positive and negative impact of leadership roles and styles
  • Understands the affect of organisational culture on groups that are in a minority in the workforce and how they may respond as a result


  • Actively promote and value diversity
  • Use relevant legislation and employment regulations to ensure equality and individual’s rights and responsibilities are promoted, and diversity valued, within their area.
  • Take appropriate action to ensure that the organisation’s systems, policies, procedures and guidelines are promoted and applied within their area to ensure fairness to all.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the organisation’s systems, policies, procedures and guidelines within their area and provide feedback, when appropriate, over how these processes can be enhanced.
  • Actively challenges the inappropriate behaviour of others and institutional discrimination.


Negative Indicators

  • Does not challenge discriminatory  or inappropriate behaviour of others
  • Does not follow the Force’s code of conduct or required standards of behaviour.
  • Does not actively promote diversity within their area.
  • Does not support individuals who consider that their rights have been compromised
  • Does not apply relevant legislation relating to diversity issues




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