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Chief Bakes

Shows resilience, even in difficult circumstances. Prepared to make difficult decisions and has the confidence to see them through.

Shows reliability and resilience in difficult circumstances. Remains calm and confident, and responds logically and decisively in difficult situations.


Positive Indicators

  • Is reliable in a crisis, remains calm and thinks clearly.
  • Sorts out conflict and deals with hostility and provocation in a calm and restrained way.
  • Responds to challenges rationally, avoiding inappropriate emotion.
  • Deals with difficult emotional issues and then moves on.
  • Manages conflicting pressures and tensions.
  • Maintains professional ethics when confronted with pressure from others.
  • Copes with ambiguity and deals with uncertainty and frustration.
  • Resists pressure to make quick decisions where full consideration is needed.
  • Remains focused and in control of situations.
  • Makes and carries through decisions, even if they are unpopular, difficult or controversial.
  • Stands firmly by a position when it is right to do so.


Negative Indicators

  • Gets easily upset, frustrated and annoyed.
  • Panics and becomes agitated when problems arise.
  • Walks away from confrontation when it would be more appropriate to get involved.
  • Needs constant reassurance, support and supervision.
  • Uses inappropriate physical force.
  • Gets too emotionally involved in situations.
  • Reacts inappropriately when faced with rude or abusive people.
  • Deals with situations aggressively.
  • Complains and whinges about problems rather than dealing with them.
  • Gives in inappropriately when under pressure.
  • Worries about making mistakes and avoids difficult situations wherever possible.


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