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Chief Bakes

Gathers information from a range of sources. Analyses information to identify problems and issues, and makes effective decisions.

Gathers enough relevant information to understand specific issues and events. Uses information to identify problems and draw logical conclusions. Makes good decisions.


Positive Indicators

  • Identifies where to get information and gets it.
  • Gets as much information as is appropriate on all aspects of a problem.
  • Separates relevant information from irrelevant information, and important information from unimportant information.
  • Takes in information quickly and accurately.
  • Reviews all the information gathered to understand the situation and draw logical conclusions.
  • Identifies and links causes and effects.
  • Identifies what can and cannot be changed.
  • Takes a systematic approach to solving problems.
  • Remains impartial and avoids jumping to conclusions.
  • Refers to procedures and precedents, as necessary, before making decisions.
  • Makes good decisions that take account of all relevant factors.


Negative Indicators

  • Doesn’t deal with problems in detail and does not identify underlying issues.
  • Does not gather enough information before coming to conclusions.
  • Does not consult other people who may have extra information.
  • Does not research background.
  • Shows no interest in gathering or using intelligence.
  • Does not gather evidence.
  • Makes assumptions about the facts of a situation.
  • Does not notice problems until they have become significant issues.
  • Gets stuck in the detail of complex situations and cannot see the main issues.
  • Reacts without considering all the angles.
  • Becomes distracted by minor issues.
  • Leaves others to solve problems and does not see it as part of the role.

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