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Chief Bakes

Gathers information from a range of sources. Analyses information to identify problems and issues, and makes effective decisions.

Applies a range of analytical techniques to understand complex information issues. Considers a range of options and their effects. Makes strategic decisions by logically analysing all the relevant factors.


Positive Indicators

  • Uses an analytical approach to solve problems.
  • Challenges underlying assumptions to make sure information is accurate.
  • Gathers information and ideas from outside to benefit the organisation.
  • Takes an intelligence-driven approach to complex situations.
  • Identifies trends in statistical information.
  • Analyses information to identify possible problems in the future.
  • Clearly identifies the main issues in complex problems and focuses on them.
  • Considers different options and thinks through ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Produces imaginative responses to complex problems.
  • Makes balanced decisions that are in proportion to the problem being faced.
  • Exercises good judgment, making fair decisions.
  • Tests widely for possible reactions to controversial decisions.


Negative Indicators

  • Doesn’t deal with problems in detail and does not identify underlying issues.
  • Does not gather enough information before coming to conclusions.
  • Does not consult other people who may have extra information.
  • Does not research background.
  • Shows no interest in gathering or using intelligence.
  • Does not gather evidence.
  • Makes assumptions about the facts of a situation.
  • Does not notice problems until they have become significant issues.
  • Gets stuck in the detail of complex situations and cannot see the main issues.
  • Reacts without considering all the angles.
  • Becomes distracted by minor issues.
  • Leaves others to solve problems and does not see it as part of the role.


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