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Chief Bakes

Plans, organises and supervises activities to make sure resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve organisational goals.

Plans activities thoroughly for self and others. Builds milestones into plans, monitors progress and adjusts them as necessary in response to any changes. Provides clear direction and makes sure that staff know what is expected of them.


Positive Indicators

  • Identifies important activities and milestones, establishing importance and urgency.
  • Plans alternatives and contingency plans.
  • Makes sure people know what a task or responsibility involves, and can carry it out.
  • Defines, clarifies and assigns roles and responsibilities.
  • Makes sure people have a workload that is manageable and fair, as well as being challenging.
  • Carefully checks everything is in place before starting a major initiative or police operation.
  • Assesses new information and reorganises the workload to meet new demands.
  • Organises action around who is available, their skills, and other resources.
  • Costs all activities and finds ways of achieving results within the budget.
  • Constantly monitors and assesses progress, making sure people work to decisions, plans and policies.
  • Concentrates on detail while being aware of the overall objectives.
  • Makes sure staff are aware of and follow Best Value principles.


Negative Indicators

  • Takes an unsystematic approach to tasks.
  • Deals with tasks as they arrive, without considering priorities.
  • Waits until problems arise.
  • Does not differentiate between the levels of importance of tasks.
  • Does not check for or spot mistakes and inconsistencies.
  • Leaves roles and responsibilities unclear.
  • Consistently fails to meet deadlines due to poor planning.
  • Tries to achieve everything personally.
  • Takes inappropriate short cuts.
  • Takes a fixed approach – does not monitor and re-assess plans.
  • Does not consider costs when planning activities.
  • Cannot work on a number of priorities at the same time.


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