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Chief Bakes

Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. Delivers on promises, puts in the extra effort to succeed, displays motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Acts with a high degree of integrity.

Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that arise. Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge.


Positive Indicators

  • Takes personal responsibility for own actions.
  • Takes on tasks without having to be asked.
  • Uses initiative.
  • Takes action to resolve problems and fulfill own responsibilities.
  • Keeps promises and does not let colleagues down.
  • Takes pride in own work.
  • Is conscientious in completing work on time.
  • Follows things through to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Shows enthusiasm about own role.
  • Focuses on a task even if it is routine.
  • Improves own job-related knowledge and keeps it up to date.
  • Is open, honest and genuine, standing up for what is right.


Negative Indicators

  • Passes responsibility upwards inappropriately.
  • Is not concerned about letting others down.
  • Will not deal with issues, just hopes that they will go away.
  • Blames others rather than admitting to mistakes or looking for help.
  • Is unwilling to take on responsibility.
  • Puts in the minimum effort that is needed to get by.
  • Shows a negative and disruptive attitude.
  • Shows little energy or enthusiasm for work.
  • Expresses a cynical attitude to the organisation and their job.
  • Gives up easily when faced with problems.
  • Fails to recognise personal weaknesses and development needs.
  • Makes little or no attempt to develop self or keep up to date.


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