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Chief Bakes

Takes personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. Delivers on promises, puts in the extra effort to succeed, displays motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Acts with a high degree of integrity.

Readily accepts responsibility for self and others. Takes responsibility for managing situations and problems. Leads by example, showing a commitment and a determination to succeed. Continues to learn and develop.


Positive Indicators

  • Sets personal goals and monitors own achievement.
  • Takes responsibility when things go wrong or when others cannot handle situations.
  • Concentrates and shows patience during long operations or activities.
  • Takes control and asserts authority where necessary.
  • Confronts and deals with issues and situations.
  • Learns from mistakes and considers how to approach things differently in the future.
  • Takes an energetic and committed approach to the job.
  • Tries hard to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
  • Challenges others people’s decisions or actions if they are inappropriate.
  • Asks for and acts on feedback and criticism.
  • Sets high standards of behaviour for themselves and others, and acts consistently with these.
  • Is open and honest with people.


Negative Indicators

  • Passes responsibility upwards inappropriately.
  • Is not concerned about letting others down.
  • Will not deal with issues, just hopes that they will go away.
  • Blames others rather than admitting to mistakes or looking for help.
  • Unwilling to take on responsibility.
  • Puts in the minimum effort that is needed to get by.
  • Shows a negative and disruptive attitude.
  • Shows little energy or enthusiasm for work.
  • Expresses a cynical attitude to the organisation and their job.
  • Gives up easily when faced with problems.
  • Fails to recognise personal weaknesses and development needs.
  • Makes little or no attempt to develop self or keep up to date.


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