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Chief Bakes

Recognises and responds to the need for change, and uses it to improve organisational performance.

Understands the need for change and is willing to adapt to it. Is flexible and prepared to try out new ideas.


Positive Indicators

  • Is willing to change and has a positive attitude towards change.
  • Is flexible to best suit the circumstances.
  • Tries new ideas and initiatives with enthusiasm.
  • Understands the need for change and can see the benefits.
  • Is willing to take on new or different responsibilities or change role.
  • Adapts to new ways of working and its demands.
  • Co-operates with changing plans and priorities.
  • Suggests changes to existing systems and other initiatives to achieve improvements.
  • Understands and uses new technology.


Negative Indicators

  • Sticks to the job description so strictly that they cannot be flexible.
  • Finds it difficult to cope with change.
  • Resists change.
  • Wants to keep things the way they are.
  • Does not understand the need for change.
  • Prefers routines and tried and tested ways of working.
  • Is quick to say that change is not working.
  • Does not listen to the reasons for change.
  • Does not want to be part of any changes that are being introduced.
  • Discourages people from questioning traditional approaches.
  • Ignores or talks down suggestions for change made by others.
  • Does not promote change to staff.


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