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Chief Bakes

Persuades and influences others using logic and reason. Sells the benefits of the position they are proposing, and negotiates to find solutions that everyone will accept.

Uses logic and reason to influence others. Persuades people by using powerful arguments. Identifies clear aims in negotiations and achieves satisfactory outcomes.


Positive Indicators

  • Sells the benefits of a decision or situation to others.
  • Backs up arguments with facts.
  • Uses logic and reason to persuade and influence others.
  • Presents powerful arguments.
  • Handles objections by acknowledging issues and suggesting alternatives.
  • Involves people who have positive attitudes to get commitment from others.
  • Sets clear negotiating aims and outcomes.
  • Understands the negotiating position of others and considers them.
  • Makes sure that everyone involved is satisfied with agreements that have been reached.


Negative Indicators

  • Gives views without any real belief.
  • Cannot explain or justify decisions.
  • Gives views without any logic or reasoning.
  • Is not willing to compromise to achieve a solution that everyone accepts.
  • Tries to force views on others without discussion.
  • Does not focus on the important points of complicated issues that will persuade others.
  • Does not think through the possible issues and objections that might be raised.
  • Ignores points raised by others.
  • Tries to get proposals approved without getting support beforehand.


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