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Chief Bakes

Persuades and influences others using logic and reason. Sells the benefits of the position they are proposing, and negotiates to find solutions that everyone will accept.

Develops sophisticated strategies for influencing others at all levels in the organisation. Negotiates satisfactory solutions on broad or complicated issues with stakeholders.


Positive Indicators

  • Identifies important players in a situation.
  • Achieves a general agreement at all levels.
  • Develops logical arguments, selling the benefits to everyone involved.
  • Focuses on important elements of complicated issues to sell the viewpoint to others.
  • Tailors arguments to include the points that will have the most influence on the other person involved.
  • Assesses the reaction of key players, and adjusts arguments accordingly.
  • Gets support before presenting proposals.
  • Creates a vision of the future that others can relate to and find attractive.
  • Negotiates successful outcomes with stakeholders, gaining their support to achieve organisational objectives.
  • Identifies the real power base in other organisations as a starting point for negotiation.
  • Understands outside partners’ preferred approaches to agreeing solutions.


Negative Indicators

  • Gives views without any real belief.
  • Cannot explain or justify decisions.
  • Gives views without any logic or reasoning.
  • Is not willing to compromise to achieve a solution that everyone accepts.
  • Tries to force views on others without discussion.
  • Does not focus on the important points of complicated issues that will persuade others.
  • Does not think through the possible issues and objections that might be raised.
  • Ignores points raised by others.
  • Tries to get proposals approved without getting support beforehand.



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