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Chief Bakes

Actively encourages and supports the development of people. Motivates others to achieve organisational goals.

Puts systems and strategies in place that develop people at all levels of the organisation. Creates an environment where staff are motivated to achieve results.


Positive Indicators

  • Encourages managers to develop their leadership skills, giving guidance and support.
  • Makes sure that all the right people at the right level are given management opportunities.
  • Introduces systems and structures that support decision-making at the most appropriate level.
  • Uses training and development in a focused way to improve the organisation’s capability.
  • Is active in supporting peoples development by personally acting as a coach and mentor.
  • Encourages managers and senior officers to be effective role models, coaches and mentors.
  • Delegates responsibility effectively to develop people’s skills and broaden their experience.
  • Creates an environment where staff can learn from their own mistakes.
  • Helps people to identify and develop their strengths.
  • Sets an example to others by showing they are committed to maintaining and developing own skills.
  • Promotes a culture throughout the organisation of recognising and rewarding effort.
  • Shows determination to succeed as a way of motivating others.


Negative Indicators

  • Does not help staff learn by sharing knowledge with them.
  • Gives the impression of being too busy to be available for staff.
  • Does not review staff’s work or progress.
  • Tends to do all the jobs themselves, rather than using them to develop staff.
  • Does not encourage staff to see the development opportunities in everyday activities.
  • Shows little interest in teaching or coaching others.
  • Does not try to find out why someone may not be performing well.
  • Gives unhelpful criticism, and does not use praise to motivate people.
  • Is not aware of the good work done by staff.
  • Gives negative feedback rather than focusing on ways to improve.
  • Creates a climate of blame when mistakes are made.


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