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Chief Bakes

Communicates ideas and information effectively, both verbally and in writing. Uses language and a style of communication that is appropriate to the situation and people being addressed. Makes sure that others understand what is going on.

Speaks clearly and concisely, and does not use jargon. Uses plain English and correct grammar. Listens carefully to understand.


Positive Indicators

  • Makes sure all written and spoken communication is concise and well structured.
  • Communicates information in a friendly and approachable style.
  • Uses appropriate language and does not use jargon.
  • Makes sure communication has a clear purpose.
  • Makes sure communication is factual and accurate, and provided at the right time.
  • Communicates information in an interesting way.
  • Pays attention and shows interest in what others are saying.
  • Uses correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Listens carefully to understand.
  • Asks questions to clarify issues.


Negative Indicators

  • Is hesitant, nervous and uncertain when speaking.
  • Speaks without first thinking through what to say.
  • Uses inappropriate language or jargon.
  • Speaks in a rambling way.
  • Does not consider the target audience.
  • Avoids answering difficult questions.
  • Does not give full information without being questioned.
  • Writes in an unstructured way.
  • Uses poor spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Assumes others understand what has been said without actually checking.
  • Does not listen, and interrupts at inappropriate times.


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