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I thought this was interesting...

Apparently a motorists insurance premium is lightly to increase after a no fault collision at a higher rate than after a fault collision

When inquiring about this, apparently statistics back up the insurance companies. A driver who is at fault in a collision is more lightly to improve driving, therefore less lightly to be involved in another collision. Whereas a driver who is not at fault can believe his driving is good and not in need of improvement, and more lightly to be involved in another collision.

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Couldn't 100% understand due to spelling mistakes (I assume auto correct?)

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Where has this information come from?

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It is true.

However nothing stopping you from getting 2 quotes for the difference then small claims court.

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I have first hand expereince of this and was more than a little annoyed. A woman pulled out in front of me on a roundabout and hit my car and both she and her insurance company admitted full liability without me having to argue my point once.


Fast forward 8 months or so and my insurance renewal comes through the post for me to find out they have put my premium up by about £10 a month because someone hit me! Safe to say I didn't renew with them and they were puzzled as to why...


Yes she might very well of improved as a driver and learnt from her mistake after what happened but in that year, I became no more of a worse driver so I didn't see why I had to pay extra.

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Isn't putting up the premium each year part of the insurance industry protocol? Unless you have arranged your insurance through a broker who will attempt to do a small amount of digging to keep your business, I suspect your premium will always be pushed a little (or a lot!) if you are dealing direct with insurance companies, regardless whether a claim goes in or not, and let alone if you are at fault or not!


Quick example as to why I think insurance companies make things too complicated for even themselves; The misses was with an Insurance company A who charged her £400 for her first year driving. The renewal came through at £800 with no claim in that year and now with 1 years NCB. She phoned up, they wouldn't budge, so she went to Company B who happened to be a broker, all the same details, cover, etc, and she got cover for £380, and guess who it was underwritten by - yep, through Insurance Company A.


Moral of the story is; always shop around... there doesn't appear to be any real science to this, just depends which parameter and mathematical model is flavour of the month...

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This is where I put my hand up as someone who's worked in Insurance (no throwing of rotten fruit please).


Insurance works on averages (unless you fancy paying a lot of money for a bespoke policy), so your claim won't always be reflective of what happens to an overall book of insurance.


A person may be liable to have several accidents/claim incidents, but not actually inform the insurer or make a claim (for instance the damage amount falls under the excess, or they just can't be bothered to pick up the phone) about them. People who have non-fault accidents can often have several others which aren't recorded or picked up by the other persons insurer (certainly I don't claim for every wing and dent my car picks up). It also boils down to the fact that lots of people drive like idiots and cause accidents that are recorded as non-fault.


Someone who is prone to have lots of small accidents is statistically more likely to be involved in a fault accident, for which the insurer will have to pay out for. Also, even if you have a non-fault claim, your insurer will often have expenses or make payments that for one reason or another they cannot claim back from the negligent party. The insurers IT systems will often not have the technical ability to give you a bespoke rating to take into account the nature of your accident (or, they don't have the staff levels to personally underwrite every account) so you get a computer led premium adjustment.


If you have a fault accident you are more likely to have a greater awareness of your driving for a time afterwards and thus avoid further accidents (unless, as before, you just can't drive).



It's a bit of a complicated mine-field, some insurers find that this claims pattern doesn't exist on their book so won't increase your premiums, whereas others will. One insurer I worked for found that kids who took the Pass Plus qualification had more claims in the first year or two than people who didn't take the qualification. This boiled down to the new drivers believing they were more skilled than they actually were and getting into situations that caused accidents. They decided not to take an extra premium for drivers with it, but this decision costs money that everyone else picks up the bill for.



At the end of the day, insurance is a law of averages, if your insurers averages state that you are more likely to cost them money down the line because of XYZ event, they will charge you for it.



As Pottheed said, get a quote (if possible) about what kind of renewal increase you'll be looking at, then try to claim it back as an out of pocket expense off the other insurer. Plus always do a comparison quote between providers at renewal.

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As this is still ongoing to some extent I'll be a bit careful but just to show what crooks the insurers can be! Firstly, if you have a car and you drive it (or a bike) then you get no claims, 1yr 5yrs so on. This means you've not had a claim for x number of years and have x years no claims entitlement right? Nope! If you insure another car on another policy you have none because you're 'using your no claims' on another vehicle. If you as a driver have not had any claims in x number of years then you personally should hold that entitlement regardless of how many policies you have. (granted multi car policies and some insurers do mirror policies and all that, but the general rule is one set of no claims per car). Now if you have 2 cars and 2 sets of no claims, you take car 1 for a tootal to the shops and biff! Silly sausage you didn't see that big shiny police car behind you as you reversed out of that space. He's a friendly chap (or hypothetical chapess) and you exchange details and you're on your way. You report this to your insurers who then on your next renewal for both cars scrap your no claims, but hang on, you had a bump in car 1, so surely car2 on its own policy hasn't had any claims against it so you keep your no claims on that because remember it's a separate policy right- wrong! That's shaft 1! Always works in their favour, personally this hasn't happened as the above but had a good old row a few years back when some plonker (can I say that) drove into the back of a hire vehicle I was driving along a dual carriageway. I'm on a hire car insurance not my own and it's a no fault accident. I come renew my personal insurance 'any accidents, claims or convictions' and I reply 'on my policy no' which was an honest answer with those words. 'what about this claim you've has against you this year, that will affect your premium'. After being told that not only was I not driving on my policy and the others admitted 100% liability within hours of the collision and a few 'you can get knotted's' thrown in for good measure along with an explanation request as to how this should affect my insurance in any way they backed down, rightfully so! Why should I be punished doing 70+ ahem mph for some silly sausage to be doing over 90mph in a transit van playing with him phone and driving into the back end of me, they're almost as mindless as the van driver! Ok, second rant, the ongoing one. I'm driving a hire vehicle (I know I don't have much look in these things) and someone decides to bash it, tell porkies and argue liability, the long and short is this person drove into the car and caused a lot of damage, finer points may follow at a later stage. I come to hire another vehicle and suddenly can't get covered because I have a claim against me- ermm no I don't because the liability hasn't been sorted either way (we're after 100% as it's provable who was at fault) but because this person thinks they'll try their luck and have nothing to loose it's now 'outstanding' so they'll show that as a claim until it's resolved, innocent until proved otherwise, the other chap seems to be. So in short and back on topic, don't get hit by other drivers or it will cost your pocket for their carelessness :o

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