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Sam Allardyce faces the axe

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Is anything more comical than the England football team? Rubbish team tournament after tournament, scandals galore and now we get this, surely his positon is untenable now? Criticising  his employer and advising people how to bend the rules, what a disgrace.

Sam Allardyce what was he thinking?

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What a disaster. :mellow:

Part of me feels bad for him, especially with him seeming like a down-to-earth manager who wanted to give his 'dream' job a go, but he fell his sword the none the less.

Unfortunately greed and dodgy dealings rear their ugly head once again. He keeps a 100% record however. :P 


Let's see if we can determine the next manager based on a core framework!

  • Has a solid understanding of tactics and strategy and knows how to play players in their correct role.
  • Is a good motivator
  • Is likable, both internally with the team and staff and externally to the public.
  • Knows how to get the best out of the team without being too strict or too lax.
  • Identifies the correct players for the role and doesn't try putting a square peg in a round hole.
  • Is not a corrupt, dodgy or a shady character.
  • Is not motivated by money.
  • Is not already employed by a club in some form, or would be able to leave their current contract.
  • Is not a previously sacked or disgraced manager.
  • Is media-savvy.
  • Not a backstabber.

I honestly think the above criteria is pretty much impossible to satisfy for any of the current managers in the English or Scottish football systems right now...


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