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Police Staff Application - Section 9

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could help me out here. I have applied for a few Police Staff vacancies which, unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in. 

This week, another two vacancies were opened which I would like to apply for but I think it may be useful to see if anyone has any hints and tips for completing Section 9 of the application form which asks you to explain how you match the competencies set out in the job description. Now, I have asked and Recruitment confirmed that they are NOT looking for answers submitted using the STAR method. 

Here are the two jobs: 


Has anyone got any tips that they could give me to make sure that my application has a better chance?

(I have read all guidance notes etc)


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Marty McFly

To be honest it's all a game of chance

I applied for Force A and didnt even get papersifted. I applied for Force B, got the job and now know that a lot of people in Force A want to work in Force B as it's a much better place to work. Possibly about 30% of the workforce in my department is Ex Force A.

Apparently I wasn't good enough for Force A, but I got into Force B which is knocking back a load of people from Force A...

Police Staff recruitment (and the police service itself) makes no sense whatsoever sometimes.


Now on to the (hopefully) helpful advice...

Generally when doing Applications I try to draw my examples from as wide a pool as possible - Competency 1 - Job A, Competency 2 - Job B, Competency 3 - University, etc. This is personal preference and I have no idea if it's effective or not, but I do it as I want to make most of my job history "relevant" and try and show I have a wide range of useful skills and experiences which translate.

I then pick my most relevant job/work/voluntary history and use it for what I perceive to be the "biggies" i.e. the key competencies they'd be looking for in that role out of the relevant list that you have to hit.

It's also important to evidence what YOU did, not just the team/unit/class, etc. make sure you say YOU did this or YOU took responsibility for that, etc.

Obviously if you have been a 999 call handler before then you will have lots of transferable skills. Similarly if you work in an inbound call centre, etc.

Once you have done that, I always get someone else to go through my application, especially if they work in HR/Recruitment, and check my competencies against the indicators to see how many they would give me. If you do it yourself you're likely to overscore, but an objective person will be more critical.

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I appreciate that this thread is old but you should look at the essential criteria and the desirable criteria. Type the criteria as a header and then underneath write how you meet it. Then new paragraph, type the criteria, format it so it is bold and underlined, and then fill it out. Repeat this for every criteria. Then go through the same process for the desirable criteria - if there are any that you don't meet then you can still address it by saying that you are willing to be trained so that you can meet it etc. show willingness

Throughout the application and in each criteria you should always show awareness of respect for race and diversity as that is not listed as a criteria but it is essential that you show it throughout the application process (if you get to interview stage it will be required here too).

And it never hurts to attach a copy of your CV with the application form :)

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