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Not sure if this is the right place so move if appropriate...

Well Carlisle has flooded again, and I'm in tomorrow so will undoubtedly be on flood duty for the duration of my shift...

anyone got any tips for kit that j can wear tomorrow?? Are wellies generally permitted or is it just a case of me getting wet feet in my boots??

thanks in advance!! 


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Wear your boots and get wet feet - if the flood water is deeper than your wellies then they'll fill with water and you'll barely be able to walk in them. Worth having a dry pair of socks to change into partway through should you have a free moment, they won't stay dry for long but will work wonders for your morale and help keep your feet in good order - looking after your feet is important particularly if they're cold as well as wet.

Of course think about what's in the water before you wade in - manhole covers can lift themselves up, flowing water below your knee can still sweep you over and contamination from sewage poses a risk of Weils disease, diarrhoea and vomiting. Take plenty of alcohol hand gel for your hands and antiseptic wipes to wipe down your gloves if they've been in the water to reduce the risks of getting a bug.

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Spare socks and boots if you have them, wellies because there is a good chance the water wont be that high where you are, multi tool or knife because if you get stuck in the water on some rubbish you need a way to cut ourself free and a multi toll is really useful.  Spare warm layers because you will end up wet and cold in some way, flask of hot tea, because it cheers you up when you are cold. 


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And above all, if you're driving a patrol vehicle in flooded conditions know where the air intake is on the vehicle. The wading depth on vehicles is usually quite small. Even 4x4s often have their air intake in their front nearside wheel arch. Daft eh!


You'd probably struggle to find anyone on duty that would know where the air intake was so unless you have prior knowledge, don't risk it.


Many moons ago I made that mistake and plunged quite deep into a section of road that had been washed away. Everything seemed OK afterwards until i tried to accelerate and the engine tried to suck the paper air filter through the engine and it died quite quickly. It took ages to pick those bits of paper out of the air box before we could even re filter and restart :(

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