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Win a £30 Voucher for Police-Supplies.co.uk in our Chat Room Competition

Chief Cheetah

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Do you use the chat room?  Would you like to win a £30 voucher from our forum sponsors Police-Supplies.co.uk? If the answer is yes then as a VIP or Lifetime VIP you are already part way there.

If you aren't a VIP member then you can find out how to sign up by Clicking Here after which you will have instant access to the chat room and will be in with a chance of winning.

To be in with a chance of winning the voucher all you need to do is use the chat room some time between Thursday 1st October and Saturday 31st October.  It really is as simple as just using the chat room.

After closing the competition a date will be chosen at random and then a time in 24hr format will also be chosen at random.  The person using the chat room at that time will be the person who wins the voucher.  Easy Peasy.

You can increase your chances by using the chat room more often.  For every entry you make in there it is another entry into the competition. The more you use chat the more chances you have.

Rules.  Obviously there has to be some rules.  Any VIP's who just makes nonsense posts or useless entries just to increase their chances will be disqualified from the competition completely so no spending 10 mins spelling out the alphabet or a poem line by line or a long chain of full stops.  If there was nobody using the chat room at the randomly chosen winning date & time then the prize will go to the person who made the last entry before that date & time.  All the normal rules regarding the chat still apply.

If you have any questions then feel free to post them here and we shall answer them as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team Police.Community


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  • Management

Just to clarify, only posts made in chat from Thursday 1st of October will count toward the competition but you are of course still welcome to use the chat room before then.

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Don't forget that this competition is now open and all you need to do is use our chat room to be in with a chance of winning.

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  • Management

The Chat Room Competition has now closed and congratulations go to @Klaus

The randomly chosen winning date and time was 21:07 hrs on 22/10/2015, nobody was posting at that time so it goes back to the last person who made a post (automated posts don't count) and that person was Klaus as per the screen shot of the logs (the logs read in the opposite direction to the chat room).



@Klaus, to claim your prize please raise a support ticket ensuring you choose the correct department (Claim my prize) and complete all the boxes as necessary.

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