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Huawei Devices: Decryption and Extraction in Oxygen Forensic Detective


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"For devices with security updates before July 2021 only online brute-force is possible, as one of the keys can be obtained only when the password is known. The password is tried on the connected smartphone at the stage of hardware key extraction by the data extraction module, and the testing speed is about 3 passwords per second. This significantly slows down the password brute-force process, since it would take almost 8 months to find a 6-digit password."


You've got to wonder how much of the "security concerns" Western governments have about Huawei devices is just that they might be harder for our security services to access. Phones made by Google or Apple are no more of a safer option, if you're worried that Chinese state security has backdoored Huawei devices how do you know that NSA haven't done the same with Pixel phones or iPhones? This isn't a criticism of Apple or Google or Huawei, I accept that companies have to comply with the laws of the country they are in. If the law says that they have to secretly cooperate with state security, then that is what they will do. Although Apple do seem to be good at fighting back against unreasonable demands, I particularly respected their stance on the San Bernardino suspects phone.

It's not the case that buying a phone made by a Western company is safe, and one from a Chinese company isn't. It's more "which do you prefer to be snooping on you, Beijing or Washington"

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