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Overtime calculator

Sierra Lima

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Quick question: a few years ago the fed provided a table with hourly overtime rates ( x 1.3/x 1.5 double) based on pay scale/ rank. Has anyone got a current version? I can't find it anywhere.

For sgts preferably .


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I don’t have a calculator but can tell you the hourly rates for each band (band 1 has been deleted) for Sgts:

2. Flat rate: £21.0695 Cas: £28.09 RD: £31.60 BH: £42.14

3. Flat rate: £21.518 Cas: £28.69 RD: £32.28 BH: £43.04

4. Flat rate: £22.1535 Cas: £29.54 RD: £33.23 BH: £44.31

You won’t get the exact amount from doing these multiplying by those amounts as you need to add on the weighting (can’t remember its name) for overtime you would have earned on AL and as well as unsocial. But they’ll give you a good ball park figure.

If you then multiply by 0.69 it’ll take off tax and NI too and then you know almost exactly how much you’ll get.

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Great, thank you. 

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