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Some stereotypes imply that only analysts work with data; however, in today’s world where data are literally everywhere, sworn police officers and detectives 👮 are also called to work with and understand complex datasets.This is why we have created a completely free webinar for law enforcement personnel 🎬 who are interested in learning more about data analytics and how it can be used for their work. Have a look at the recordings and materials from any or all of our six webinars that have taken place:

1.    Simple Excel Techniques to Work With Large Datasets

2.    Create a Telephone Frequency of Calls (Hot List)

3.    Use Your Arrest Data to Create a Frequent Flyers List

4.    Use Geographical Data in Your Investigations

5.    Leverage Social Media in Law Enforcement

6.    Use a Google Goefence Warrant to Close Your Cases


Be part of the data revolution and the hundreds of people who have joined the Fighting Crime with Data Webinar Series. Review the materials, get your certificate, and share your accomplishments on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 🔥 Looking forward to welcoming you to our community!

The BlueForce Learning Team


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