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Green flashing beacons / RVLR 1989


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On 18/10/2021 at 13:02, BlueBob said:

Driver -v- vehicle is the imagination is that we are talking about the atypical MTR 4x4 decked out with kit and a team, whilst it could also be an individual using their own car to get to a site or the depot.  As an organisation, not sure that police would be actively inviting an exemption, just because they were the ones to call the MTR for the driver in a non-spec'd vehicle with unknown driver skills etc.  

I don't think private vehicles make any difference, fire officers use them all the time. As a policing example I don't believe that negotiators called out of bed to despondent people couldn't lawfully make progress safely on their way into work either, they'd never arrive anywhere in time to do any good. Driver skills etc is more an RSA question, and S19 is still not enacted. 

On 18/10/2021 at 13:02, BlueBob said:

As for police purposes, if we follow your logic then the recovery truck attending to a scene to recover a veh as part of an examination is definitely for police purposes but don't see them falling under your take of the exemption.  S87 makes no reference as to any urgency or threat to life, its far more vague than that.  

Not necessarily, because S87 includes: "...if the observance of that provision would be likely to hinder the use of the vehicle for the purpose for which it is being used on that occasion." If the recovery lorry is being escorted above the speed limit to clear a gridlocked motorway more quickly then yes, it probably would. Just tootling off to collect a S165, no. If the MRT travelling at the speed limit would hinder the aim of rescuing someone, preventing their injuries deteriorating, finding a misper etc then why wouldn't S87 apply?

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