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Advice re police legislation / powers & procedure apps


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Hi all. 

I’m an ex Met detective with just over 20 years and been away for 3 years. Now settled in my new career and have heaps of spare time and looking to volunteer as a SC with my local force. 

Back in the day after burning my Hendon white notes, I had the beat officers companion and the Blackstones books to keep myself up to date. Just curious if there are any good police powers/legislation apps that I can start to use to refresh my knowledge. 

Many thanks, 

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Pocket sergeant 


but you can get PNLD for free with a .PNN email address and that’s the best legal resource 

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There is also iPlod too - which is available for both IOS and Android. It's not updated as common as one would like but it's still a handy free resource should you need it. 

From memory (and I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong) that you have to pay for Pocket Sergeant, but that is kept very up to date. I suppose you get what you pay for. 

As @Ether +has rightly mentioned if you can get access to PNLD then I'd do that too. 

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