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Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson 'shot at party as rival gangs clashed', says friend

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5 minutes ago, skydiver said:

criticising the police response to the shooting just after it happened.

Are you shocked? 

5 minutes ago, skydiver said:

no one had done any house to house for example.


5 minutes ago, skydiver said:

It now turns out that no one who attended the party is willing to make a statement

Oh, you don’t say .... 😂

6 minutes ago, skydiver said:

I wait with baited breath for Taking the Initiative to criticise the party goers and also to use some initiative to get them to come forward.

Nope. It da PoPo’s fault, innit 🤪

6 minutes ago, skydiver said:

Posters on this forum  should take a look at the parties manifesto as it makes for a fun read. 

I’ll give it a miss, thanks. You’ve highlighted some crackers 😅. That’s more than enough. 

7 minutes ago, skydiver said:

Still I guess logic doesn't play a big part in their attitude to the police.

The entire anti-police rhetoric from the black community is the glaringly obvious issue. Yet, no one has actually come out and explicitly said that. I’m just wondering how many more black-on-black deaths it’s going to take before they realise it. They’re blind to it. Much like they can’t take responsibility for their own actions when stopped. It’s never, ever their fault. Ever.

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The issue isn't whether racism exists, it always has and always will, the issue is whether racism exists at a legal, political, educational and economic level in the western world, and it simply DOESN

I dunno, most people would draw the line at calling for the hanging of people who hold different views to their own alongside calling for people of a different race to be made slaves.  What's hap

We've eroded British identity and imported an American one, kids grow up thinking British cops carry guns, we've somehow integrated their frankly shameful modern history into our own (I once had to co

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Zulu 22

And to think that some officers disgraced  the uniform by taking a knee in conjunction with these people. Some cannot understand how many, many people see taking the knee to be offensive especially in sport. Not only when players take the knee but, they also give the clench fist salute of the Black Power movement again, from America.

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We've eroded British identity and imported an American one, kids grow up thinking British cops carry guns, we've somehow integrated their frankly shameful modern history into our own (I once had to correct a student on the history of Britain and how we never had government sanctioned policies on segregation i.e different buses or cafes for black people and that they're confused with US policy, they didnt believe me.) 

Were we perfect? No... No nation has been, especially one that led the world in the form of an empire/superpower, every modern nation has made mistakes but I hate the notion that because I am white my ancestors are somehow guilty for events they had no control of or influence over - whilst the British slave trade was underway my ancestors were sending their youngest down the coal mines of Yorkshire, living in absolute poverty as I'm sure most peoples ancestors around my way were, the vast majority of us didn't come from the 'ruling class' yet this frankly racist narrative that I am somehow 'privileged' because of my skin colour is utterly wrong - my mother was the first person on her side in the family to go to university... in her 40's... My dad who is an extremely intelligent man couldn't go to university and instead had to take an apprenticeship in electrical engineering. 

Most of the lads I grew up with didn't go to uni, most have ended up working trades, some have become career criminals (one I see on a frequent basis at work sadly enough consumed by drugs.)

Yet lets keep pushing this stupid narrative as a society, I firmly believe one of the reasons Labour have done so poorly and lost favour with their 'traditional working class voters' is that the above narrative they've adopted simply doesn't wash with them, the middle class urbanites who have become the core of the party and are extremely privileged sure, I can see them buying into it but a working class bloke from a council estate in Rotherham certainly isn't going to swallow the narrative, their family likely had very little growing up.

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Zulu 22

They want to completely ignore the facts of history. Yes, our ancestors did do some awful things but they also got many things right.  They took education, learning, engineering and many other things. Australia was formed by those who were transported as punishments for crimes.  They formed Australia but in doing so they abused the native population. They took a culture to many parts of the world, they did a lot of good but in doing so did much harm and took great advantage of indigenous people.  

In South America the Portuguese and Spanish did exactly the same, as did the French and Germans in Africa. The origins of the slave trade had existed for centuries before the Roman Empire.  It continued with the Arab nations and flourished in Africa when African tribes conquered and enslaved other tribes selling them to the highest bidder in the form of the British, French, Germans and a multitude of other countries. Africans enslaved by other Africans and nothing to do with race.

Now as Radman says many people in this country completely confuse British history with American history and the emancipation of Slavery came from this country to, all too slowly spread around the world. 

Perhaps the most understood topic is history.

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