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How do you feel about people filming you/incidents you attend?

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How do you feel about when you're attending an incident and people are filming you? Don't mean getting right up in your face obstructing you but filming from a short distance away for example. And have you ever asked someone to send a copy of their footage in as evidence of whatever the incident was?

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It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s very commonplace now. They’re usually ones to give their ill-informed pearls of wisdom to go with it - often amusing. 

The best ones are when they commentate over the video with their extent of the law 😂  

The best thing to do is ignore it. Nothing worse than watching an officer speaking to people filming in a public place. It is the ultimate cringe. Ignore them and they go away. 

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Dave SYP

I must admit in the early days there may have been the odd occasion where the ‘would-be Cecil B DeMille’ got in your face, up your nose and ended up losing his camera phone down a large road gulley. But nowadays it’s commonplace and as long as they’re not obstructing or failing to assist the officer if required, then nobody really cares.

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If people are filming from a reasonable distance then why not.

I have asked for the footage to be sent to us, it rarely is. But such is. 

There is the ever present worry that what you do will be edited and altered and sent to the media and you will get some serious heat. But there is little you can do about that other than hope command have some guts. 

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Don't care too much as long as they don't get in the way.  irritation sets in when dealing with VPs and there is a very unhelpful commentary from someone who has no idea what ks going on.  Last one was an Autistic guy who I'd been talking to for a while, calmed him down nicely and the camera tool's prescence and comments set him back off again.  I'd nearly got him in the car to take him home before that. 

I've once had to tell someone to back off because he was getting between the paramedics and a patient/victim of an assault.  He eventually got the picture when he got bundled away and spoken too quite sternly.

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