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Well I never...a UK court decision I agree with!

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Oxford lawyer given life sentence after falsely claiming she was raped. A woman barrister who cried rape in a plot to frame her lover after she discovered he was married has been given a life sentence.


I agree with both the sentence passed and the sentencing precedent for future convicted defendants in very similar cases. Looks like she would have been convicted of perverting the course of justice which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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The life sentence makes a nice headline, but with a 4.5 year minimum term she'll be out before she's 40. I did like the bit in mitigation though "Mitigating, her defence counsel Balraj Bhatia QC said: "She is just a few days away from her 34th birthday...she is clearly a manipulative woman."  At least they weren't trying to sugarcoat her!

"She has lost her career...Nothing is worse than when a gift is given and then cruelly taken away, she has to live with that. " So nothing about how sorry she is for trying to ruin the career and life of the victim. The gift wasn't cruelly taken away, she wasn't injured in an accident which meant she could no longer coninue in her career, she committed an evil act and got caught.

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Dave SYP

Wicked, twisted and manipulative. A deserved outcome.

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Zulu 22

It is cases like this that make this offence so hard to prove and get justice for the genuine victims. 

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