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What would you like to see on here?

Chief Cheetah

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Chief Cheetah

What would you like to see on this forum?

What can we do to make this place better for everyone or just for you?

We are looking for your ideas. It could be something you've always longed for in a forum, or maybe it's something you've seen on another forum that you think would be good on here.

Let us know your ideas. All ideas will be considered although if it is very outlandish it probably won't be considered for long.

It can be anything at all no matter whether you think it can or can't be done, leave that bit up to us.

Please put your suggestions below or if you would rather not say them out loud, then please feel free to DM me and I promise, you will remain anonymous to all members.


Thank you.

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Chief Cheetah

What about less of something maybe?  How about the same of something but framed or presented slightly differently?

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I thought of something the other day! What about a general 'current affairs/general discussion' area - so it does not have to be particularly a news story, but maybe just general chit-chat about 'a' or 'b'. E.g. MrSmith wants to talk about something that does not fall into the category of a specific news story, but is not general policing discussion either.

Foreign news? as well as current Foreign Policing News. E.g. US politics, Russia, China etc, but not policing so cannot go in the FPN part. 

Just some thoughts.


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Another one sir - what about a "Service (Military) Police and MOD Police" section under the force specific areas, rather than just the Misc. section? 

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Any more ideas from anyone? 

Do any of our long term members remember anything from the old forums which you would like to see back here?

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