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Daily mail.Met police officers who were spotted 'flouting' Covid rules by tucking into breakfast INSIDE London café en masse face investigation - despite cracking down harder on public who break rules

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5 hours ago, Jeebs said:

What are you going to do then? Stand at the door to the briefing room and hand out covid tickets to officers as they leave it?

Hopefully an assessment has already been made as to how many can be in the briefing (any other )room at a given time so that is not the problem.  Even when there is a canteen in the station, presumably it is set out in a CV19 safe manner.  It is almost a laughable dichotomy (I think that is the right phrase) that police need to be escalated in getting the vaccine and then go and do dumb things like this which neither protects themselves individual, as a team or the wider community.  Just amazed that no one started one of those crowd funding ventures to pay their accumulated fines.  

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Not going down well with the public , dishing out fines and cops breaking the lockdown rules themselves ,cant have one rule for cops taking the P a little bit.

Why?!  Just why would you do it? 

I know times change, and it's been fifteen years since I retired, but with the closure of canteens, and the fact that Officers still have to Parade on together, travel in vehicles together, deal with

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