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Anyone had any experience with a Ring Doorbell?

I was thinking about getting one but aside from an awful lot of websites saying how wonderful they are I'm not sure I have seen much impartial feedback.

It would need to be recharged as I don't have a powered doorbell at present to wire it into.  There doesn't appear to be a lot of people out there saying how often this would need to happen. I'm aware that this would depend somewhat on how often it is triggered etc but what is the battery lifelike?

I'm not sure if it is worthwhile getting the monthly subscription so any insight on that would also be good.


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Battery life is good - about three weeks and takes a couple of hours to recharge. Ring send you an email when it is getting low so easy enough. I only use it on battery and have no problems with it.

Mine looks onto the drive and gates (end of a shared driveway) and it highlights when anybody comes in range - a little buzz / sound on the phone which can be useful when working at home (office is upstairs) and gives me an excuse to say hello to the postman, etc. when they come to the door - sometimes the only face to face conversation all day.

Subscription; depends on the area - it mainly means that after the initial period you can still review who has been as your door rather than just 'live'. It is not that much and I treat it a bit like insurance - if I need it then I need it. I live in the leafy 'burbs and understand that the 'I cannot get to the door' thing they advertise does not always fool the dishonest  but the fact that it is recording does and the dishonest treat it like CCTV - it does dissuade casual callers who don't want to be recorded and the fact they are recorded before they will likely see it is actually a really good deterrent.

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I have had mine up for two weeks, used the live view a number of times and it has recorded numerous events. The battery is currently sat at 77%. If you adjust the settings to record for longer it will drain quicker.

I have had to move my router into the living room instead of a back room due to the signal. With it being mounted on think stone wall and trying to pass the signal through another internal stone wall it was delaying the alerts and ringing.

If you have someone in the house that does not appreciate technology or have their phone with them constantly. It is best to get the chime option that plugs into a socket inside the house to hear it ringing.

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