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Arming all UK police - requirements?

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6 hours ago, BlueBob said:

I quite agree that it is something we can be trained to do rather than an inmate ability given at birth.  I suppose the reluctance both by society and within the service is we probably know of quite a few officers who have passed various degrees of driving courses and yet feel they should be allowed near a set of keys - often they self-demonstrate their propensity towards inability or just push the boundaries beyond what they know are there - typically too fast for no good reason or popping out on blues for a cappuccino .
 I suppose  the same theme follows for other things, including weapons.

This is true. I suppose there will be some point in the future where the risk posed by incompetent police officers is outweighed by the risk posed by dangerous criminals.

We also shouldn't forget that even 'highly trained' officers aren't immune from accusations of incompetence - wasn't there one who left his gun on a plane not too long ago?

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This is a misnomer, PSNI officers complete the required modules of the NPFTC to be classified as AFOs, however PSNI and COP do not want them to have AFO status. All police officers should be arme

That's because they have not been trained yet. Many (most) police officer are able to master the complexities of putting a file together, driving at high speed, giving evidence in court or defend

I completely disagree with the routine arming of all officers. It is not necessary and not wanted and, that comes from someone who has been an AFO. I know too many officers who I would not even g

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