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Owed leave


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May be leaving current force for pastures greener.

Could anyone confirm that owed leave should be payed, along with MRDs?

I have 190hrs and 6 MRDs owed, which by my calculations, at top whack is between £5-6k.

Due to staffing, I will be unable to take any of this prior to leaving, as I’ll be giving 28days on the button.

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Ask you payroll department.  I'd not be surprised, though if they say 'if you resign, you lose the lot'.

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"If, on termination of service, the proportion of annual leave taken by a member in the last year of service is less than the proportion of the leave year which has passed, s/he is entitled to payment in lieu of the untaken days. Conversely if, on termination of service, the proportion of annual leave taken by the member exceeds that proportion of the leave year which has expired, the police authority are entitled to compensation, whether by payment, additional service, or otherwise. For further details of the calculations involved please see PNB Circular 01/2, Home Office Circular 21/2002 and Regulation 33, Annex O of Police Regulations 2003."

Link pp36-37

Also see page A27 here for how it's worked out. 

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I know that when you retire no matter how much leave you have left, you only get paid for 16 hours which is the maximum you may carry over at the end of the annual leave year.  I didn't accept this at first but apparently its correct. 

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Zulu 22

If you have leave and Time due you can get paid for it by using it up. i.e. If you have say 10 days leave left and 40 hours then apply for the leave which would give you 14 days, and the other should allow you 5 days plus two rest days making a total 21 days off.   Due to retire on 22nd of the month then the last working day should be on the 1st.

When I retired my last working day was 6 weeks before my retirement day and I received my full pay for that period. If you apply to take the leave and time due and it is refused then you have every right to be paid for that time which is owed.  A lot would depend on the Force in which you serve as some will be more amenable than others.

I would also recommend that you speak to a voice of authority in your Force Federation Office as you should get their backing. It is not worth being sentimental as you will find when you retire that you are no longer an officer or even a person. You will be nothing more than a number on a Pension pay roll.

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Although it’s a resurrected mild post, there is no reason to be denied leave at the end of service   As Zulu described, plan to use leave, time due etc and then think about what duty time is left.  If they refuse it then there becomes, AFAIK, the ability to claim it as money owed and to be paid.   Remembering that 29 days after giving notice, the only think people will worry about is who gets spare kit from your locker 

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