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Officers have to upload domestic abuse reports onto 13 systems


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National force hopes to have single crime system up and running by next year.



Date - 5th December 2019
By - Gary Mason


Police Scotland officers who attend domestic violence incidents have to upload the details manually onto 13 separate force systems.

This is despite the fact that Scotland is a national force and many officers are equipped with mobile electronic notebook technology to record details of the incidents at the scene.

Supt Stevie Dolan, of Police Scotland told a police technology event at Motorola today that although operating as a national force since 2013, Police Scotland still has eight separate crime systems as a legacy from its former eight-force structure.

This means that depending on where they are working, officers using the Pronto digital police notebooks have to select different templates on the device to upload the right form to the right system.

“An officer in Dundee will have all eight crime systems on their Pronto device but they will need to select the appropriate crime system for that area,” he said. “Because we have a number of large events that we support within Scotland, the same officer can be working in Edinburgh the following weekend. So that officer will then have to be able to access that crime system on the device as well."

Supt Dolan said each crime system on the device looks the same and is easy to use. But he said “this is not where we wanted to find ourselves.”

Police Scotland is working towards delivering a single crime system which will not be dependent on location which Supt Dolan said should go live next year.

He said the uploading of information from domestic incidents in a more streamlined way was “still very much a work in progress.”

Currently officers with the digital notebooks still have to go back to a police station and upload the information from a desktop computer onto 13 different systems. “For example we have a separate vulnerable persons database,” he said. “If someone is a victim of domestic abuse we have to update that system. That isn’t yet available on our mobile devices but is a work in progress with Motorola.”

The Pronto notebook system was initially developed in collaboration with the former Lothian and Borders force back in 2003. Supt Dolan said there was now a strong policing community of 20 forces who use the technology and that user group was proactive in sharing best practice and helping to develop new applications.

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Pronto is a very clumsy system coupled with subpar systems, such as Connect/Athena it’s a nightmare.

Where there isn’t a GB&NI effort to implement a single, decent system such as Niche is beyond me.

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