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'Racist officer who picked on commuters' is dismissed


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Misconduct hearing told allegations of unauthorised actions dated back to 2008.

'Racist officer who picked on commuters' is dismissed


Date - 23rd August 2019
By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle
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An officer who held up racist signs next to sleeping train passengers has been sacked.

Picking on commuters and tricking them into opening pornographic videos was included in a catalogue of allegations brought against PC Ian Wells – stretching back more than a decade.

The Met Police officer, who doubled as a celebrity bodyguard, also accessed confidential police records for security colleagues and sent images of a police intelligence briefing to non-service personnel, a disciplinary panel was told.

His alleged behaviour came to light in 2017 when he was reported to police by his brother-in-law.

Although the 44-year-old officer denied racism, sexism or any wrongdoing, all the allegations were found proven as gross misconduct.

PC Ian Wells, based at the Met’s Learning & Development with 21 years’ service, answered allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of standards of professional behaviour, in respect of equality and diversity, confidentiality and discreditable conduct.

It was claimed that in the period from September 2009 to July 2011, PC Wells sent text messages of a sexist and racist nature to persons not employed by the Met.

It was claimed that on or about October 31, 2011, PC Wells sent images of a police intelligence briefing to a person not employed by the force.

And it was further alleged that as far back as 2008 or 2009, PC Wells performed an unauthorised check on the Met’s computer systems and provided that information to non-service personnel.

It was also alleged that whilst off-duty PC Wells made racist comments and behaved in an inappropriate manner in the company of persons not employed by the Met.

He was dismissed without notice.

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