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Which prime minister-in-waiting will make a difference by investing in policing?


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As Downing Street hopefuls fight to stay in the Tory leadership contest, PFEW Chairman demands 'action, not warm words'.

John Apter says the primary role of any government is to keep its public safe

John Apter says the primary role of any government is to keep its public safe

Date - 18th June 2019
By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle
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Rank and file has thrown down a no-nonsense challenge to Britain’s next prime minister to prove the national leader really supports policing rather than treating it “with contempt”.

Police Federation Chairman John Apter wants the man who succeeds Theresa May to give forces the financial lifeline they need – and “make a difference” to the service.

His message to the six candidates who face another survival vote-off today to stay in contention for the Tory leadership crown could not be more personal, or direct.

Mr Apter wants to know what the new PM will do for a policing organisation “in crisis”.

In a frank missive to “all those still in the running”, he said: “We are sick of warm words, we need action.

"Thed primary tole of any government is to keep its public safe and the government has failed in doing this.

“Whoever is the next PM has a chance to change this, to invest in policing so we can do what needs to be done.

In a second brutal assault on Mrs May, he reiterated: “Policing, and those who deliver policing, have been treated with contempt by the outgoing PM.”

He berated the slashing of budgets, officers’ pay by 18 per cent in real terms and officer and staff numbers while crime is on the increase.

The federation head took a huge swipe at Mrs May when she officially stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party earlier this month.

On behalf of the staff association’s 120,000 members he spoke of the Brexit-battered PM – leaving behind a “broken legacy” of a police service.

He said of her departure: "Let’s be honest here – for the majority of police officers it has not come a day too soon.

"Mrs May has made no secret of her thoughts on policing – her contempt and disdain for the profession has been vocal and sustained during her time as Home Secretary, and then throughout her tenure as Prime Minister.

“Her actions have been devastating for policing, genuinely devastating.”

Looking to the future, Mr Apter added: “I have heard many of you say that we have the best police serve in the world, words mean nothing.

“On behalf of those dedicated men and women I represent I urge you to put those words into action and show your support . . . give policing the financial lifeline it needs.

“The public supports its police, but do you?

“I want a new, better and more constructive relationship with the next PM and government. This is an opportunity to make a difference. Please take it.”

Tory MPs will vote in the second bout of the contest to select Britain’s next prime minister on Tuesday ahead of a BBC TV debate at 8pm – hosted by Emily Maitlis – that will feature the front-runner and former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson.

He missed Sunday’s Channel 4 live debate and skipped the hustings of Westminster journalists attended by the other five candidates – Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Dominic Raab and Rory Stewart.

Candidates need to secure 33 votes to continue in the contest – which could prove a struggle for Mr Stewart, who secured 19 votes in the first round, and Mr Javid, who got 23.

If all candidates pass the 33-vote threshold, the one with the lowest total will be eliminated.

Other runs-offs will continue until Thursday when the final two candidates left in the race will be known.

On Saturday, Conservative Campaign Headquarters will begin the membership hustings process for party members to decide between the final two candidates.

The party will aim for the hustings to take place in all 12 regions of the UK.

In the week commencing July 22 a new leader will be announced following the ballot of 160,000 Conservative members.

Mrs May will then see the Queen to formally resign and the new leader will be invited to Buckingham Palace to form a government.

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Just for fun I did a quick look back on what various PMs CLAIMED they would do once they were in office.  Whether it was conservative or labour, accepting a small change of language, the consistent has been about improving the NHS, policing / law and order, housing...... well you get the drift.

What they say has yet to be solved for any of the major topics.... why would anyone believe they will positively reform policing.

What we all know, but no politician wants to do, is raises taxes ( or enforce lower prices & salaries)- where else will the needed funds come from! 

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Which prime minister-in-waiting will make a difference by investing in policing?

None of them.

Not that it matters since the selection is all internal, but, they can and probably will make all sorts of popular promises of this that and the other but I bet none will ever be delivered. The Conservatives have a natural hate for any kind of public service, and they've been shafting the police for years. What's going to change now?

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