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Truck driver 1

BBC.Dumbarton machete attacker 'could have killed' police officer

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Truck driver 1
Sgt Brian Simpson Image copyright Spindrift Image caption Sgt Simpson called for backup after a man pulled out a machete

A police sergeant has told a court of his fear as a machete was swung at him on a Dumbarton street.

Brian Simpson, 44, said he had never been threatened in that way during a 19-year police career.

He told a jury the incident began after he was called to reports of a man acting suspiciously.

At the High Court in Glasgow, 31-year-old Craig Brown denies attempting to murder Sgt Simpson in September last year.

Describing the weapon, Sgt Simpson said: "There was absolutely no need to be walking about the streets with it.

"If that had struck me, it would have caused significant injuries."

Armed response unit

He told the court he had initially approached the man and asked if he was OK.

The man had asked him: "Are you an armed response unit?"

"It was an unusual question," Sgt Simpson added.

"I said no. He then stated: 'Well, you better get one'.

"I knew exactly what he meant as he then withdrew a long machete from his right trouser leg.

"He immediately held it out...in an aggressive, threatening manner."

'Fled scene'

Sgt Simpson used his incapacitant spray with no success before calling for back up.

He said: "I was scared. I was there by myself in front of someone telling me to get firearms officers."

Sgt Simpson described how the man was "chopping down" on the car he retreated behind and smashed a window.

But the man fled when other officers arrived.

"He could have killed me," the officer added.

The trial, before Lord Clark, continues.           https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-48121481

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