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Steering pulls to the left

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So I have a 13' Plate Mercedes E-Class. Recently I've had a few issues with it which was the power steering leaking which was repaired. But ever since that and even before, the steering wheel would naturally fall into position off towards the left, so it would constantly pull towards the left. 

I've had wheel alignment, but still the issue is there.

Any advice?

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Reasonable Man

Simplest thing is tyre pressures - a flatter tyre on one side will pull a noticeable amount.
Next is tracking, which you said you’ve had done. Trouble is you can’t always trust garages. I took a car in for a tracking check once to find the pull worse when I left. They found it to be 2 degrees out and then adjusted it to another 2 degrees out! They put it right at the second attempt.
I also had an Octavia that had a pull, checked and rechecked everything but it pulled slightly to the left for the four years I had it. The tyres never wore unevenly, always passed its MOT and braked in a straight line.

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Exactly what @Reasonable Man said. 

Those would be the first two things I'd check! Tyres and tracking, failing those being fine I'd look at suspension, have you hit any potholes or anything recently?

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Similar to RM here. My last car pulled to one side. Even after the rracking had been done, tyres done and all of it checked repeatedly it still did it. Even after I replaced the disks, pads and suspension struts it still had a bias to the left. Drove another of the exact same age and model before I found it seemed to be a peculiarity of the model.

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Lone Wolf

Getting the wheel alignment adjusted won't help if you have any wear in the suspension components.

I would take it to somewhere that has a proper four wheel alignment system (Hunter machine or John Bean) and ask if they do a free check, most do.  Get the print out and they will likely be able to tell you if you have suspension wear, wheel misalignment or worst case a twisted chassis from previous accident damage.

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