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First blog post by AHussain - Discussion Thread

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This is my first blog in my journey to become a police officer. 

I have attemped to become a officer in the past but fell short. I have not let this get me down and I am giving it one more try.

I have been studying on my SET books. I purchased some books from How2be. It was really helpful to have practice papers. I have been studying information handling, maths and language.

I have also began to run outside, I am using a app called couch to 5k, this is to build my fitness level up. I used to run 5 miles without stopping and stopped due to shin splints and became lazy. I go to the gym and lift weights but there is a difference in fitness and looking fit.


I have got blisters in my heels, this was caused by wearing worn out shoes, It was stupid of me but I am letting it heal. I have been running last week and also did a practice bleep test. Overall my fitness is not the best. I have started early to give myself a head start and to ensure I can be the fittest version of myself. I think preparation is key and crucial in improving cardiovascular fitness, it does not happen overnight, you need to train consistently. 

I have been studying the SET tests and have struggled a little, I suffer with dyslexia and other disabilities but I will not let this stop or hinder me from my journey. 

I will rest 2-3 days from running until the blisters heal up as there is no point in rushing. I will be resuming my gym schedule and doing cardio in the gym to maintain fitness. 

I am also working at my job as I need money. I am moving homes soon, so I have that going on in my life, a police job would help me so much and give me the confidence.

I train in the gym 5 days maybe 6. I also do running outside 3 days a week. I do cardio in the gym as well. I find on the machines, you can increase the resistance to build some anerobic levels but also outside.

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Wednesday 20 March 

Today was a good day. I did not train today at all as the blister or cuts in my heels were to painful.

I woke up this morning feeling good and wanted to go for a run but could not do so.

I am thinking of resting until Monday to let it fully heal up.

I went to work today, when I came back, it was time to study.

Tomorrow I will be training back in the the gym and cardio day in the gym then back to studying and then back to work 

My back routine is close grip pull down, bent over rows, t bar rows, machine rows, cable rows, deadlifts and reverse flys. I train as a bodybuilder as I want to get bigger 

I am currently on a cut. I am trying to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Sorry I know this is not a bodybuilding post. I just wanted to share my routine for tomorrow.

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I woke up this morning feeling ok, I have been sleeping better as I have myself a new pillow. I was getting headaches every day because of my previous pillow.

I woke up with still pain in my heel due to cuts from running with bad shoes. I took off the old plaster and washed the cut and dried and applied a new plaster. A yellow substance was coming out. It could be my body is trying to clean it.


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