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Specials online interview Merseyside question

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New to the forum. I have stumbled across this forum whilst researching for my online interview to join the specials in Merseyside. After reading a post from a member regarding rejection (possibly to do with giving too much information). I formulated my answers for the 5 questions with a situation for each one.

Once logging in and starting my test question it’s states use as many personal examples as you can. Which if I’m honest, that coupled with having to stare at myself recording the answer totally threw me from what I had planned and I backed out of the app as I felt I better ask a few questions first. 

I have asked a friend (PC) tonask one of his SC colleagues about advice for the online interview but he was one of the last intakes to interview in front of people initially.

Does anyone have any experience with the online interview process and how to make it comfortable? I would much rather do it in person if I’m honest.

i wanted to purchase the how to book on amazon but it won’t arrive until Tuesday and I only have until then to get the interview done.

many thanks in advance.

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I don't have any direct experience of Merseyside but I would recommend that you just be yourself and make sure to follow the STAR method when answering any questions. 

When answering a question, you will first need to describe a situation that you were in at the time of the experience you are using. This may be an experience from your previous employment, university or extra-curricular activities. Such a situation must be relevant to the competency you are demonstrating, and must be a unique situation specific to a fixed point of time.

You must make sure that the situation is appropriate and doesn’t include any behaviour that could be deemed unprofessional. Also, make sure that the situation use isn’t one highly specific to a previous industry that your interviewer might not understand. This is because some sectors, such as the legal sector, often involve lots of technical jargon.

The next stage of using the STAR approach is the task or challenge that you were presented with in that particular scenario. This can be something as simple as fixing a computer, or something as complex as creating a piece of software, as long as it is something that needed to be done.

Make sure to explain the importance of completing the task itself, as well as the loss that would occur if the task were not completed. The best answers will use unique and interesting challenges that are general to any area of life.

The most important stage of the STAR structure is the action you have done to change the situation for the better. This can be as simple or complex as you want, though remember that your answer will be dependent on the competency you are demonstrating.

It must be an action that you as a person, rather than as part of a team, has done – as this will demonstrate that you alone have the specific competence that you are demonstrating to your interviewer.

The final stage of the STAR technique is the result that was achieved. This requires you to specifically explain what your actions alone did to solve the problem, as well as any other benefits that arose from you solving it. This will always be a positive result to demonstrate your competence and ingenuity in solving a problem.

I'm sure that you will be absolutely fine, let us know how you get on! 


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