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BTP to Met?

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Hi all,

I'm currently a PCSO at BTP in London. I have nearly finished my probation as a PCSO and have strong aspirations to move to PC

However, recently I have been thinking about trying to join the Met as a PC. And if that would be a better suit for me. 

I know each force has pros and cons, and I do enjoy working for BTP and as a PCSO in the force I am pretty much treated in the same way as a PC without their powers. 

In terms of going for PC I know staying with BTP would be easier and seems easier to progress to Sergeant etc. However Met will be more varied and possibly exciting. Also I don't have plans to stay in London for long term, so the Met may also be a better option if I did leave London and wish to pursue a career as a PC at a HO.

Basically I guess I'm here to just get some advice from you guys. And if anyone here has moved from BTP to Met and if it was for the better or if they regret it in hindsight. 

Thanks all 

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