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Officer dismissed without notice for 'sex on duty' with colleague


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Gross misconduct PC also accused of physical relationship with one-time crime suspect.

Thames Valley HQ: Two-day hearing

Thames Valley HQ: Two-day hearing

Date - 15th February 2019
By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle


An officer who had sex with a colleague while on duty and then Heading an investigation initiated contact with a female suspect which led to a physical relationship has been barred for life from the service.

Police Constable Alan Russell was handed a retrospective dismissal following a disciplinary hearing.

The panel found the Thames Valley officer’s actions amounted to gross misconduct – breaching the standards of professional behaviour in respect of orders and instructions and discreditable conduct.

The Abingdon-based PC, who had resigned from the force before the hearing, had a sexual relationship with another officer while on duty on August 3, 2017. He used a work-issued mobile phone to remain in contact with her throughout that month.

The following February, PC Russell was the prime mover in contacting a female suspect in a criminal investigation for which he was the investigating officer.

He continued to keep in touch with her using a force-issue mobile, and then his personal phone.

During May of 2018, PC Russell attended the woman’s home while on duty and this then developed into a physical relationship.

Last August, the officer failed to attend a meeting with a superintendent and a misconduct interview, despite being issued with orders to do so.

The two-day misconduct hearing, which concluded on Thursday, was held at the force’s Kidlington headquarters under the direction of Nicola Talbot-Hadley.

Incoming Chief Constable John Campbell, whose April 1 appointment was confirmed this week, said: “PC Russell’s actions fell far below what is expected of a Thames Valley police officer.

“His conduct was discreditable, and he failed to comply with lawful orders. Because of this, he has been dismissed from the force without notice.”

The former PC will now be placed on College of Policing’s barred list, which will prevent him from seeking employment with another force, for life.

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