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TV star Noel Edmonds slams police in Facebook rant


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He calls out Avon & Somerset Police for allegedly covering up 'corruption' at Lloyds Banking Group.

Noel Edmonds is fighting Lloyds Banking Group for compensation

Noel Edmonds is fighting Lloyds Banking Group for compensation

Date - 8th February 2019
By - Hermione Wright


TV personality Noel Edmonds has accused Avon & Somerset Police of playing a part in a Lloyds Bank “cover up” which he blames for the failure of his business.

The former Deal or No Deal presenter has released regular videos on his Facebook page 'Lloyds Liars', which he uses to shine a light on the apparent scandal.

The 70-year-old is seeking compensation from Lloyds Banking Group after a corrupt group of HBOS financiers were jailed for a loans scam which destroyed several businesses.

Mr Edmonds, who starred in TV show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! last year, claims his entertainment firm Unique Group is one of the casualties.

The Essex-born presenter has been vocal about the fact the closure of his company led to a suicide attempt. He is seeking millions of pounds in compensation. 

In a new social media rant, Mr Edmonds claims the “victims” of the Bristol scandal “could be numbered in the dozens, maybe the hundreds, and possibly the thousands”. He slates forces for not “acting upon their complaints”.

He calls out Avon & Somerset Police in particular, believing it has held on to evidence “for many years” that “proves Lloyds are conducting criminal activities” within their Bristol HQ.

Mr Edmonds’ personal website has become a hotspot of information about the apparent cover-up, with one of his five missions being to “expose the systematic criminality and corruption at every level of the UK’s most toxic bank”.

A spokesman for Avon & Somerset Police said the force had received “a number of allegations” regarding banking practises. Although all have been “considered”, no evidence of “any criminal offences” were found.

They said a number of allegations have also been reviewed by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) which “came to the same decision”.

The spokesman added: “The National Crime Agency has also engaged extensively with the SFO and Avon and Somerset Police in respect of these allegations, and is not aware of any material which would undermine the decision not to open a full criminal investigation.”

Mr Edmonds goes so far as to suggest that fellow victims allege the cover-up “goes way beyond Avon & Somerset Police”, also blaming the media for their part in hiding the truth. 

A spokesman for Lloyds Banking Group said: “Whenever a complaint or allegation of this nature is made to us, we take them very seriously.

“When concerns in relation to a Bristol unit of Lloyds Banking Group were raised previously they were thoroughly investigated by the group and we have not found any evidence to support the allegations.”

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