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Working for NCA - London

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I went to a recruitment day a couple of years ago, and they were picking AFOs straight from the police. 

Also, every role they were recruiting for needed PIP2, and my force wouldn't train us specials in that! Would have had to pay for the training myself. 

It was an interesting day, and I got a lot of info about it. I'd definitely recommend going along to one as and when they come up if you are considering joining. 

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Cathedral Bobby
9 hours ago, miffy said:

Also would those two roles be civilian roles or be a Civl Servant role?

All roles, unless seconded are civil service as the NCA is a Non-Ministerial Government Department, similar to what Ofsted is. This means that although they are technically a Government Department, they are arms length and do not fall under the auspices of a Minister of State such as the Police Minister, with Parliament carrying out much of the oversight through its Select Committee structure. Also remember that Civil Servants just means directly employed and serving central government so Job Centre staff are Civil Servants, as are Customs and Immigration Officers, plus the thousands who work in the Mod etc. 

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Billy Blue Tac
10 hours ago, miffy said:

What role would be more similar to a police officer then? I would assume an Investigation Officer?


NCA Investigators are akin to DC/DS and only work on serious organised crime.

Although not attested/sworn they do have the powers and privileges of a constable (with a few legal/policy exceptions).

Their recent recruitment campaign sought "Experienced Investigators" - have a look here for what they were looking for:


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I have just applied to join the NCA as a G5 investigator from a non home office force so will have to see how I get on. They seem to have vacancies nationwide, 'm hoping I've sufficiently provided enough evidence for a PIP Level 1 equivalent . Time to keep my fingers crossed.

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