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Hi all 

I'm currently going through the selection process and I'm interested to find out what type of shifts people are on once out of training school? 


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You will start on patrol. The shift pattern will almost certainly have changed by the time you go out after training. 

Recently we changed to the new functional model. Instead of running 5 blocks A to E, we now have 5 blocks which are split further in to sub-blocks.

We now work a 25 week rolling shift pattern, quite frankly it's almost impossible to really keep track of it. I haven't worked a night shift in over a month, however I am now working a lot more nights for the next few weeks. Early shifts can be anything from a 0600 to 0900 start. Afternoons from 1200 to 1900 start and nights are the usual 2100 or 2200 start.

Shifts are usually 10 hours in duration but there are some variations to that now.

This is a brand new system and it seems unlikely that it will remain in this format, unfortunately you won't have any idea what pattern you will work until near the end of your training I imagine.

Best of luck!

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