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Mod Police Tsg (tactical Support Group)

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Hi There!

I was thinking about applying to the MoD Police and I was wanting to know about their TSG as I would be interested in qualifying for this specialist unit. I've read about it on the MoD Police website and I know they are Speciaist Firearms Officers but I was interested in what their day to day work is like?

Has anyone had any experience of working in this unit?

Do you need to finish your Probationary period before you can apply to join the TSG?

What's the training like?

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For a lot of reasons the day to day running of the TSG cant be discussed on a public forum. If you are applying to the MDP you will have the opportunity to speak to one of the guys as they are very keen to explain what they do in person (limited to security clearance of course)

As its stands, no you do not have to be out of probation to start with the TSG! As long as you meet the increased fitness requirements and can pass the higher level of weapon and tactic training then you have every opportunity to apply as anyone else in the MDP!

Just bear in mind that when I say a higher level of fitness and weapon/tactic training......I really do mean that :-)

Best of luck

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Cheers for the info. and reply Thatguy :-)

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The pass rate of the course is v low

You dont have to be based at AWE to apply

Their day to day duties are only slightly less dull than normal AWE duties. TSG do vehicle patrols, go to the gym etc.

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baby jack

Remember that the role of MDP is armed protective security. You will not be doing armed stops, armed arrests etc, as with the rest of MDP we are there 'just in case'. As for the training it is to the highest level that a Police Officer can go and as mentioned each course will have those who fail. If you want active armed poicing then join your local Home Office Police Force, but then you will have to complete your probation before even being allowed to apply for a firearms assessment.

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