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CNC should I transfer??

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Hey Guys, I am still really new to the forum so would just like to say hello!

A bit about my self. I am 20 and currently working as a PCSO, however before this I served some time as a Special Constable while working in a Police CCTV Control room. Before that I was in security.

Recently I have just passed my assessment centre to join the regulars with an Home Office Force. I have just started looking in to the CNC and it looks very interesting. I have contacted them about transferring applications and they stated they would accept mine.

I am just a bit torn now as to transfer or not? Anyone got any advice?


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What is it about them you find interesting?

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What is it about them you find interesting?

My money is on the...no , I can't say it.

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No it ain't the fact they carry guns. I hope to join the Dog Section not Firearms. The CNC just seems like a good place to go for career progression and from what I have been told can offer you a lot depending how much you put in,

I just don't know how true any of this is.

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Well, I'd imagine it's a narrower remit than you'd get at a HO force, and I think I read somewhere recently - possibly on this site - that the CNC are under the threat of cutbacks just now. But I'll stand corrected.

Make sure if you do transfer it's not just because you want a quicker start-date, otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time and money when you transfer out again.

Any CNC cops got a view of the pros and cons of working for the CNC?

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Hi all,

the CNC can offer carreer progression, a change of roles into specialist roles (although I believe these are on the cut back), an oppotunity to move around the country and a friendly workforce. However, my understanding is the salary is lower than your average HO force due to the fact that they are not expected to get into the friday night brawl outside the local pub.

Any new recruit would first and foremost be an AFO and as you have read all through this site, spend their fair share of time on a gate post, foot patrol or vehicle patrol. This suits some and not others so it is a personal choice.

Pros and cons are different for all I would say.

You could always look up the phone number and ask if they could put you in touch with an officer that could answer some questions for you - or visit your nearest site. It would give you a good idea if yiu could get on.

Hope it helps

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