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North Yorkshire Police Special's Training Start to Finnish


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Hi there,

I planned on documenting my training start to finish so to speak, just to let prospective applicants know the processes of one force start to Finnish.

Saturday 01st October 2016

0842- arrive at police HQ Newby-Wiske (it's a fantastic old country home which unfortunately is being sold by the force this year and moving into new premises, we're one of the last I takes to be trained here.)

0855-eet the rest of the applicants on my course, turns out there are only 8 of us, 6 females and 2 gents.

0910- after brews have been made and the biscuits have been opened we all sit down for a general natter with each other and the trainer and she's really nice and friendly. Turns out the other gent was on my NRAC testing as well as my fitness test so we've vaguely met before a bonus, it seems no one else has...

Morning- everything sort of went in a blur, we were issued with a snazzy NYP satchel to put everything in, our copy of blackstones student police guide (this alone must be the size of a small house and reminds me of my old university textbooks.) , an a5 book of short notes for the course and a cd containing the long hand notes and recordings and other background information.

We also had a talk from our chief specials officer about integration, how we are the best of the best in order to be here, that we should be proud and to give everything 110%. She also explained expenses forms and took our insurance and vehicle details (which was odd because I have a car but only a provisional licence at the moment.)

We were issued collar numbers and signed out our first Police Notebooks. We also got a big folder to put all the handouts in.

Next on the cards was an ice breaker, we had the toilet roll game, I won't go into too much detail but boy was it amusing and we found out quite a bit about our trainer, the specials commanding officer and each other, definitely opened up the group more.

Lunch.-i was a complete numptie and left my lunch on the kitchen side in my excitement so ended up with coffee and a few biscuits.

Afternoon - in the afternoon session we learnt all about the history of the force as well as how to fill out our notebooks. The do's and don't when to use capitals and when to not. No opinions only facts etc... Mostly common sense but still interesting. After that we did the phonetic alphabet and the homework is to Finnish learning by tomorrow morning. (bonus I already know it off by heart so no homework for me)

1625- start walking in the direction of. York as my lifts stuck in traffic and I might as well make a start (all but one on my course live miles away from me so car sharing isn't an option) all in all I'm knackered, lots of information to digest and learn, but happy and excited for what's to come, best get some sleep we're in at 10 tomorrow.

Ive missed some bits out, we did a lot of talking around subjects, including our needs, concerns and expectations and some bits may be out of order but the majority is in there, we also found out uniforms will be issued in 2-3 weeks, secretly were all gutted and were hoping to get them today. Sundays entry should be more organised.

Thanks for reading


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Evening all,

Today saw the 2nd day of our special constable training for North Yorkshire Police.

Sunday 2nd October 2016

0850- Set off from home, decide to pop into the local tesco to grab some milk as I cant remember who was supposed to get some today and its better safe than sorry.

0855- Arrive at tesco and realise they dont open until 10am (bummer), realise Ill have to go to the garage and get semi-skimed instead of my prefered 1% milk.

0938 - Get a whatsapp message from our trainer, shes forgotten the milk can someone else grab some (turns out it wasnt supposed to be me but a good job I did grab some)

0929- Reply to group whatsapp that I already have milk so the crisis is averted.

0950- Arrive at force HQ (there are actually attested specials in to day doing their public order 3 refresher training (secretly think i cant wait to have all the gear too, were all in civies until uniform dept. can catch up, turns out HR only gave the trainer 5 days notice that we were all coming)

1000- Icebreaker: Phonetic Alphabet

Any further Needs / Concers or Expectation from yesterday after we'd had overnight to think about it.

1030- Professional Standards / Code of Ethics.

1100- Break time

1110- History of the Special Constabulary and the Police.

1130- Ethics and Values / Policing by Consent / Common Purpose and Values.

1230- Lunch

1300- Where do Our Values Come From? / What is Equality? / Equal Opportunities / What is Diversity?

1400- The London Riots 2011

1615- Clock off and Head home

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