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Radio Codes


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There was a thread on this a couple of weeks ago and we were unsure whether it was protected information. However I have learned that Nottinghamshire Police revealed these in a Freedom of Information request so the information is publicly available.


Learning these state codes will give you the edge when filling out your PNB and communicating over the radio.

  • State 0 Emergency Assistance
  • State 1 On Duty
  • State 2 On Patrol
  • State 3 At Station (available)
  • State 4 Refreshments
  • State 5 En route to incident
  • State 6 At scene
  • State 7 Committed-Deployable
  • State 8 Committed-Not Deployable
  • State 9 Prisoner Escort
  • State 10 At Court
  • State 11 Off Duty
  • State 12 Confidential Message
  • State 13 Non Urgent Call Back
  • State 14 Urgent Call Back
  • State 15 Received
  • State 16 Repeat
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