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Legislate to introduce minimum sentences for assaulting police officers.

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Apologies if this has been posted, I had a search and couldn't find it on here. Also its not a questionnaire/or survey so posted it here. :) A UK Parliament petition has been set up by a retired police officer. Lets hope it gets to 10,000 or 100,000 + signatures

Police officers who suffer assaults often receive significant injuries, physical and / or psychological, sometimes having long lasting effects.

Recent sentences for such assaults give serious cause for concern that little, if any, regard is taken in determining appropriate sentencing of offenders.
More details
This petition calls for the judiciaries 'sentencing guidelines' to include a mandatory 'minimum' immediate custodial sentence (suspended sentences not being an available option), set as follows:-
3 months imprisonment – for offences tried summarily for assaults on police officers (but offences charged under Section 20, Offences Against the Person Act 1861 should become an 'Indictable only' offence for assaults on police officers).
1 years imprisonment for offences tried in the Crown Court.


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I fully support this - I've always felt that sentences for assaulting officers have been much too lenient

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I Grade Snail

Signed. However if every FTE officer sign it then it would go straight for debate.

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Exactly, even if every Special Constable signed it, it would go to a debate ! If the whole police family signed it (trainees, police officers, specials, staff, volunteers and their friends/family) it would easily hit its target.

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I think you'd still need to be aware of the severity of the assault - mandatory jail term for pushing a cop? That'll never work.

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Signed and shared :)

I would also suggest people follow the "contact your MP" linky too!

Nija edit MKIII: has anyone asked for this to go on UKCOP humour's Facebook page?

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