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Welcome to the St John Ambulance Cadets Topic...

Share things about yourself and your division on the discussion...

Feel free to start new discussions about uniform, duty's and anything else...

This topic does has no association to St John Ambulance and anything said on this discussion is not the view or opinion of the Charitable Organisation St John Ambulance.

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Nothing to do with SJA cadets, just interested as I was a police cadet. What ages are eligible, is it 16-18? And do you find there is a lot of education or is it mainly going to events as first aiders etc?

I think it'd be good for NHS ambo services to do a cadet scheme, after all police & fire do it! Would be ideal for people wanting a career within the ambulance service.

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St John Ambulance Cadets


10 – 17 year olds can join one of our Cadet units, which operate throughout the country. At Cadets it's all about fun, adventure and community.

Cadet programme

Guided by youth leaders, Cadets take part in an interactive and full programme, working towards their Grand Prior Award. The programme enables young people to learn important life skills in a fun and safe environment, but with challenge and excitement appropriate to their age.

Cadets can choose from over seventy different subjects to help complete their award. These range from Fire prevention and Photography, to Sports and first aid.

Younger Cadets learn first aid skills through our training course for young people while older Cadets can undertake a community first aid or first aid at work course. Cadets can put their first aid and other communication skills into practice by providing first aid to the public at events or teaching first aid to other young people and adults.

In St John Ambulance, there is allot of time spent within the division learning about different things. For example, at the moment, my division is learning about Accident Prevention and Awareness as part of the grand prior award scheme. I myself dedicate allot of my time to going on duties whereas other members of my division do not really get involved with first aid duties. Maybe because of a lack of interest or the fact that they haven't passed their Level 1 first aid. Though I think that an assessment of first aid is coming up for these members.

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