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Metropolitan Police Band

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.... the band ended up on a par with the best military bands in the country.

Hi Andy!

I too was searching for info on the band and saw this old thread. I could not agree more with your post. The band certainly ended up with some of the best musicians I have had the pleasure of working with - and I've played & M.D.'d over most of the northern hemisphere with some top muzos.

By the way; to anyone doubting the standard of the band, they / we produced a CD in the early 90's called 'Thanks For The Memory' (a bit ironic now!). I just found it plastered all over the net and even on iTunes. Did you know about this Andy?


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Our Director of music was Lt. Col Duncan Beat.

Former Scots Guards director of music and the Royal Military School of Music.

In other words, he was the cream of the crop.

He's over 80 now and I have heard looks no different to how he did on that clip.

Happy days and a reminder of a very different Police service that I am very proud to have been a part of.

Nominative determinism in action...

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I am trying to find a score of R Barsotti's march 'The Metropolitan'.....I would like it for my youth band the Royal British Legion Youth Band Brentwood. I served with the Met for 25 years but before I was an Army Musician and coincidently played with the Met Band whilst serving in the Army at a joint concert. I remember the flautist was an Irish gent who was to become their bandmaster. Even more bizarrely my passing out parade at Hendon in 1987 was the very last for the Mets Band containing serving police officers. They were then disbanded becoming a civilian Band in 1988. If I remember rightly they lasted about 10 years in post before the government cuts. I never heard them perform after my passing out parade but I heard they were a top band. I know they had a lot of ex army musicians, as at least one friend of mine at Kneller Hall (Andy Skinner) joined them from the Coldstreams. He was a brilliant trombonist so they had some top players.

Anyway, back to finding the score.....if anyone could she light on where I might find one. What happened to the bands music library? They must have had hundreds or scores of music?

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Hi there, My name is Nik and i am trying to find out about my grandad for a family tree that i am doing. His name was "Anthony Daniel Bird" and i know that he was a member of the Metropolitan Police Band that played at Highbury football stadium in the late 60's right up to 1971 when he unfortunately past away in a car crash along with his wife and son, My dad and his older brother were also in the crash but survived. If anybody remembers him or has any info about him at all (possibly even some photos which would be nice), Please...Please could you message me as i would love to hear from you and learn a bit about my grandad's life. Many Thanks. NIk.

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